What are your goals on WordPress.com? Perhaps you’re here to chronicle your kids’ favorite books and toys on your parenting blog. Maybe you’re building your consulting business on the side. Or perhaps you hope to sell your jewelry to a wider audience. Whatever your passion — and whether or not you’re looking to make money — consider the various ways you can monetize your site.

Collect payments with the click of a button

With the Simple Payments feature, you can embed payment buttons on posts and pages and collect debit and credit card payments for your products and merchandise, services, courses and seminars, events, memberships, and more. Learn how others have used the button in a variety of ways.

Link to products you love on Amazon

Through affiliate links, your readers can buy products on Amazon that you love, and in return, you earn a percentage of each sale. This process is especially effective if, say, you review current bestsellers on your book blog or recommend organic baby products on your lifestyle site. These types of links are permitted as long as the primary purpose of your site is to create original content — and the products you link to relate to what you publish. Get started with the steps on this page.

Publish a sponsored post

A sponsored (or promoted) post is a type of native advertising that promotes a specific product or service. Typically, influencers and bloggers with large followings publish sponsored posts in return for some kind of compensation — money, perks, free stuff — from a company, brand, or individual. We allow these kinds of posts, but please note that we don’t allow sites where the bulk of content is sponsored.

Set up advertising with WordAds

The WordAds program is the official way to make money on your site with advertising. With WordAds, we run ads on all your site’s pages and share the majority of the revenue with you, and the program features ads from external networks like Google, Facebook, and AOL. If you have a site on the WordPress.com Premium or Business plan, you can set up advertising now. And if you’re on the free or WordPress.com Personal plan, you’re eligible to apply if you have moderate to high traffic (and appropriate content). Read the WordAds FAQs for details.

Launch an online store with WooCommerce

Ready for a complete eCommerce solution? Sell anything on your site with WooCommerce, a free plugin through which you can sell products, manage shipping, collect taxes, and more; there are hundreds of free and paid WooCommerce extensions that you can install to create the exact selling experience you want. For inspiration, browse the online shop of Heritage Style, which is built with WooCommerce and Storefront, a free WordPress theme.

Questions on getting started with these options? Ask us in the comments.

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